• Derma Wand
    Working with Charis Media Capital to fund the media for our campaign was a great decision. The funding we received from Charis allowed our Company to accelerate the growth of our campaign and maximize life of the infomercial. The whole process was very easy and the people at Charis were very helpful. I will definitely use their services again for our Company’s next campaign.

    Rich Ransom
  • Omega XL
    We have used Charis Media Capital for several months and they have been a great partner to help us grow our business. Not only have they been flexible, but their staff is very knowledgeable of the DR industry and so understands the many business aspects we have faced. We would highly recommend them to others who are looking for media capital partners.

    Miles Dupree
  • Fluidity Bar
    Using Charis Media Capital has proved to be the perfect solution for the Fluidity fitness campaign. NMC reviewed our campaign metrics and created a cash flow financing solution that works great for us. Our sales have rapidly increased and we are able to focus on bettering the campaign without worrying about the cash flow.

    Harold Fletcher
    Fluidity Fitness
  • Smoke Remedy
    The Charis Media Capital team is professional and very experienced in the direct response industry, and helped us to understand what to expect and look out for as we emerged into new business growth. We immediately felt like they were an extension of our company as they helped us stay on top of key metrics and objectively evaluate trends. They were always a trusted business partner, a valuable business asset, and a pleasure to work with.

    Eileen Coll
  • Iceland Health
    Charis Media Capital is a valuable partner in the rollout of our DRTV campaign. They understand our needs as well as that of our media buyer and seamlessly bridge the gaps that inevitably occur. Charis’s support of our objectives and their valuable insights enable us to focus on running our business and plan media most effectively.

    Arnold Blair

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